Vallée Blanche Viognier 2021 -

Vallée Blanche Viognier 2022

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The Vallée Blanche Viognier smells and tastes of delicious tropical fruit, such as banana and mango, and floral notes. A soft fresh wine.

The vineyards lie inland, sheltered by the Montagne Noire: a small, medium-high mountain range near Carcassonne. The mountain range is the dividing line between an Atlantic and a Mediterranean climate type.

VINIFICATION: The grapes are harvested at night. This is followed by de-stalking and soaking, after which the grapes are pressed under the protection of carbon dioxide (to prevent oxidation). The fermented juice ripens on its 'lie' for several months.

GRAPES: viognier


SERVING PAIRING: Delicious with risotto with asparagus, lobster or in combination with dishes from the Asian kitchen