Barka Winery

Barkan was founded in the 19th century, how did this company start?

Barka Winery

In the beginning of the creation of Barkan, they focused on only one thing, the grape quality. They brought the best grapes from all over the world to Israel to plant in the vineyards of Barkan. Today, many grape varieties occupy an area of ​​10 square kilometers of land serving as vineyards. Every grape variety has its place where it can grow well.

In the year 2000, a new sophisticated winery was founded in Hulda Kibbutz. The Barkan winery was designed with the future in mind, boasting the most advanced production technology in the world. The winery has everything within the company, a laboratory, large pieces of land and the logistics side is all taken care of by the company itself.

Because of the large wine range of wines that Barkan makes, the large space they have to produce the wines and the special way of fermentation and the possession of more than 5000 oak barrels. Makes Barkan a major player in the wine trade.

Barkan is a large company, but they also want to keep it personal, so they give each wine series its own story.