Baron Deley

The history of Baron de Ley goes back to 1985. Three successful wine producers in Rioja decided to set up a new winery. The idea was a so-called single-estate bodega with grapes from their own orchards, a unique method in Rioja where the wine companies largely depend on the local grape growers.

The private gardens were laid out on a large scale with many hectares of land. Because the orchards are so close, the grapes are closely monitored. The grapes are stored in a 16th century storage cellar of a Benedictine monastery. The bell in the front garden of the monastery became an element in the Baron de Ley logo.

A state-of-the-art wine cellar was built for the production of wine and in 1990 the first wines could be presented to the public. What is particularly special about the Baron de Ley is the aim to produce the wines in which the specific terroir can be expressed. Most wine companies in Rioja made wine by blending different grapes from parts of the region, losing the identity of the product.

Baron de Ley

What makes Baron de Ley special is that the emphasis is mainly on structure, color and fruit aromas in the wine. The wine has to add something extra, this ensures that the taste of oak wood is dominant.

In the beginning, Spanish wines were largely sold to restaurants and wine specialty shops. Once it gained international attention, demand for Baron de Ley's wines outstripped supply.

The success allowed the company to expand further and contracts were also signed with regional grape growers, who could offer their grapes for a fixed price.

Due to the great success of the company, Baron de Ley is today one of the most successful wine companies in the world. With vineyards of 500 hectares and an annual harvest of 3 million kilos of extremely healthy ripe grapes, which are processed into beautiful gastronomic strong wines, and wines to enjoy. The name Baron de Ley has brought his name to the world as a guarantee of top quality.