Wine gifts

Wine gifts: nice to give, nice to receive

You always look good with wine at a birthday or reception. For beautiful wine gifts you have come to the right place at We have been excelling in providing the best wine gifts for over 18 years. Ordering a wine package is very easy. We provide the luxury packaging. All you have to do is make someone else happy with it. Anyone who gives our wine package as a gift can be sure that the content will be cherished, opened and enjoyed, as it should be!

Wine gifts with all kinds of customization
If you want to personalize wine gifts, all you have to do is indicate this. Giving wine as a gift with a special logo or your own wine label is just that little bit extra. Together we make your wishes a reality. Send a message or better yet, call 0182-761233. does not like anonymous contact, with us you will get a real person on the phone. Together we create wine gifts that meet what you have in mind.

Wine gifts with theme and combinations
We are happy to make suggestions if you want to be inspired. Because we have wines from various countries in our range, we are able to put together original country packages. Would you like to give a tasteful wine package with an Italian theme? Let's arrange! Order an interesting wine package with Israeli wine as a starting point? We do! What always turns out to be a great combination is the combination between wine and cheese or chocolate. Wine and cheese, for example, are like an egg and salt; it goes great together. The right combination is essential. You can leave that to us. After all, we are enthusiasts ourselves. To make it easy for you, has made various combinations (see below) to make ordering a wine package run smoothly. But be sure to contact us if we can make something special.