Winery Simonsig Estate

Simonsig Estate will be a well-known winery for many people visiting South Africa. Both the beautiful location and the hospitality attract many visitors every year. With a great restaurant on the side, a visit to Simonsig is a must.

Simonsig Estate

The history of the winery begins with “Uncle” Frans Malan who set up his own wine company in 1953 with the cautious name 'De Hoop'. Fifteen years later, Frans Malan was one of the first winegrowers to start bottling himself, continuously experimenting with new grape varieties such as chardonnay and introducing new ultra-modern cellar techniques. In addition, he became the first to produce Kaapse Vonkel, the South African counterpart of Champagne. The Kaapse Vonkel is produced in the same way as Champagne. Frans Malan rightly turned out to be one of the prominent pioneers in Stellenbosch before the big breakthrough in the 1990s.

Nowadays, Simonsig – as the new name for the domain is and refers to the magnificent view the estate has over the Simonsberg – is led by the three brothers (tenth generation!) François (vineyard), Johan (cellar) and Pieter (marketing) Malan. They have 210 hectares of vineyards, planted with a complete range of grape varieties. This golden trio knows how to surprise the wine world time and time again with wines that increase in quality. Yet only part of the production is exported abroad; the domestic market provides half of Simonsig's turnover.

With an annual rainfall of 700 mm and a climate kept Mediterranean by the oceans, both white and blue grapes thrive here. The sandstone soil and porous granite soil accommodate various varieties. The maximum height at which cultivation takes place is 260 meters above sea level. The average yield per hectare is eight thousand kilograms.

In addition to viticulture, the Malans are also involved in fruit cultivation. The winery is located about six kilometers north of Stellenbosch and attracts thousands of visitors every year.

At we have a nice collection of Simonsig. The Chenin Blanc has been one of our best-selling wines for years. And the Kaapse Vonkel is a great success, especially during the holidays.