Bakkie Troost - 8 cups Troost

  • €8,22

Bonbons with a Dutch touch
Each Bakkie Troost bonbon cup is traditionally filled with the best Callebaut chocolate (Cocoa Horizons) and has a fine chocolate blend with a fresh-sweet orange flavour. A subtle orange topping gives the bonbon its festive touch, so that it is received with open arms (and mouths!) in every environment.

'cup of comfort' is a commonly used Dutch metaphor for a cup of coffee. Have a seat. Have a rest. And then enjoy the smell and taste of a fresh cup of coffee. Delicious! That fact inspired the CARLZ chocolatiers to create a new bonbon treat: BAKKIE TROST! The nicest chocolate delicacy with a cup of coffee, tea or just in between. Of Dutch manufacture, of course.

Filled bonbon cups with a handle
BAKKIE TROST ! consists of a gift box with eight bonbons 'disguised' as chocolate cups. The handmade chocolates have, yes… really an ear on which you can grab Bakkie Troost neatly between thumb and forefinger! Bite!