Taylor's Tawny Port 20 years in gift box

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Long barrel aging softens a strong wine. The full ruby ​​red gives way to a brown glow. It is precisely this amber or tawny coloring that gives tawnyport its name. A Tawny actually starts its life as a Ruby.

During a long aging period, the aroma and taste become more complex and refined. The intense fruitiness of the youthful port will slowly change into the characteristic aromas of an aged port. Because Taylor's has built up a large reserve of cask-aged port over time, the company is the leading producer of this type of wine. Both the 10, 20, 30 and 40 years old wood-raised Tawny belong to the wide range. The average age of the wines used in this port type is stated on the label.

Taste: Light brown wine with an orange glow. Refined nose of raisins, dried white fruit, nuts and spices. On the tongue, the 20 Years is full, rich and sweet with various fruit impressions of raisins and currants. Yet the wine has remained remarkably fresh, so that it never becomes unwieldy. The aftertaste is very broad: lots of fruit, spices and other impressions.

Alcohol: 20%

Origin: Portugal, Douro

Contents: 75cl

Tip: Delicious is the combination with strawberries, great with almonds or walnuts, widely praised as an accompaniment to fried liver. Preferably served at 18 degrees Celsius; in the summer it can be a little cooler.