Make your own wine? it is the summer for it.

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Perhaps you have grapes in your garden. Then you have probably noticed that the trusses are very large this year. They are delicious to eat, but what could be more fun than making your own wine.

It is quite a lot of work and you have to be patient, but it is very nice to pour a glass of wine if you can tell that you made it yourself.

Does it take a lot?

It's great to start with. Of course it is important to read well. But with a few demijohns and a fermentation bucket for the must and some small supplies such as sulphite and yeast you can get started. At, for example, they have everything you need for making wine.

I've made wine myself a few times. And it is quite a bit of work, picking, de-stalking and crushing the grapes. But above all it is patience. After fermenting the wine on the must, the wine really needs a few months to continue fermenting in the demijohns and to develop into a beautiful wine.

Is it possible with any grape?

Opinions are divided on that. It can be done with any grape, but it will not always produce a nice wine. I made wine with the Boskoops Glory. This grape is delicious to eat, but for wine you will not read many positive reactions on the internet. I also noticed that with my first production. 17 bottles was the end result. The red wine was strong and strong. Not a friendly wine, I would even call him very grumpy. A year later I made a rosé of it and it was very tasty. I added a little too much sugar. So that the wine in the bottle continued to ferment. This made it a bubble wine. Very nice, only the corks kept popping off.

In the Netherlands, reasonable to good wine can be made from the Rondo or from the Regent. But in the south and east of the country, beautiful white wines are also made from Auxerrois, Muller Thurgau and also Riesling. The Netherlands is slowly becoming a wine country. And with these summers, that development will continue for a while.

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