Israeli wine

Israeli Kosher wine.

Wine from Israel. Beautiful kosher/kosher wines made according to Jewish laws. For example, no animal products are used during the production of kosher wines (no animal manure for the grapes, no animal proteins in the clarification process (clarifying the wine). has an extensive range of Israeli kosher wines. Try the kosher wines from L'Chaim!, To life!

Israel a very old wine country

Wine has been made in Israel for thousands of years. Growing grapes and making wine is also mentioned in the Tanakh and the Bible. 

Noah, for example, is the first known winemaker in the Bible.

Quality battle Israeli wines

Israel is not a great wine country. In the last century, wine production has made a quality improvement. Viticulture was modernized with the help of French winegrowers. As a result, the quality of Israeli wines has improved considerably and sales have also increased. A lot of Israeli wine is exported to the US and Canada in particular. Fortunately, we also have these beautiful wines in our range.