Gustave Lorentz Gewurztraminer Evidence Organic 2020 -

Gustave Lorentz Gewurztraminer Evidence Organic 2020

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Gewürz is translated into Dutch as herbs and that this name was specifically chosen for this wine is no surprise. The wine is known to be very aromatic and expressive. It contains a spicy nose with great notes of lychee. It is powerful but elegant, fresh but also fruity.

The gewurztraminer comes from various slopes around the village of Bergheim. The soil here consists of clay and limestone.

The 2020 harvest year was exceptionally good for the Alsace region. It started in the winter. The unusually mild temperatures at this time and the beautiful weather that followed ensured an early maturity. The spring conditions that followed were even more ideal. The sunlight and low temperatures allowed the vines to develop fully. The low rainfall almost threw a spanner in the works, but around mid-June regular rain saved the soil. July 2020 was the driest month ever measured in the region. This further enhanced the precocity of the grapes. It hardly seemed possible to get any better, but the conditions during harvesting were also ideal. The warm, sunny days followed by cool nights ensured that the aromatic potential and acidity in the grapes was preserved. All these conditions have led to a fruity, crunchy wine with sufficient acidity and great aromatic purity.

This gourmet wine pairs well with exotic dishes, fruit recipes, smoked fish and rice and vegetable curries

Origin : Alsace, France, Bergheim. Vineyards located in the Haut-Rhin, the northern part of Alsace, around the town of Bergheim. The soil contains a lot of lime and clay.

VINIFICATION: Organic wine. Vinification takes place in temperature-controlled stainless steel tanks.



Additional information: Biological, organic, Vegan

Content: 750 ml

Gustave Lorentz was founded in 1836, but the Lorentz family's wine history dates back to the mid-17th century. Jean-Georges Lorentz, blacksmith and winegrower, was the first family member to settle in Bergheim in 1748 in the heart of Alsace. “One family, one village and seven generations of winegrowers” ​​is today the slogan of winery Gustave Lorentz.

Georges Lorentz has been in charge since 1995 and the eighth generation - his three daughters - is getting ready to join the company as well. Gustave Lorentz owns a total of 33 hectares of vineyards on the hillsides around Bergheim. Of the 33 hectares, just under half are classified as Grand Cru. Since taking office, Georges has implemented quite a few modern insights. In addition to quality, the focus is also on balance, purity, personality and drinkability. Sustainability is of crucial importance to Georges. Since 2012, all own vineyards have been certified organic by EcoCert.

If you are once in Alsace, try to visit Gustave Lorentz in Bergheim. Beautifully situated you will find a modern winery with people who love the profession. The Lorentz family has been making beautiful wines for generations. With a fresh clear pure style.