Laurent Perrier Cuvee Brut Rose

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One of the most famous Champagnes of Laurent-Perrier is undoubtedly the Cuvée Rosé Brut. This wine is especially praised among wine lovers for its intensely dusty bouquet, refined taste and gastronomic value. Aestheticians fall for the characteristic seventeenth century shape of the bottle with gold-rimmed pink label in which this rosé is bottled. 

Unlike other rosé Champagnes that are created by mixing red and white wine, Laurent-Perrier's Cuvée Rosé Brut owes its beautiful salmon-pink color to the so-called saignée technique. This means that, after very strict selection, only ripe and healthy pinot noir grapes are briefly soaked in an open barrel. The juice that escapes - also called bleeding - has then very carefully taken over a little color from the grape skins. 

The pinot noir comes from ten different crus, from plots in the most highly regarded villages in the region such as Ambonnay, Bouzy, Louvois and Tours-sur-Marne. After color extraction, the run-off juice is traditionally fermented into Champagne, which then undergoes four years of aging in the bottle and acquires a creamier structure without losing the fruit aromas.


The Cuvée Rosé Brut therefore has a flawless and crisp scent of strawberries, raspberries and black cherries. The same rich fruit aromas are also reflected in the taste and the long-lasting round and creamy aftertaste. It makes this wine delightful as an aperitif, an inimitable companion to charcuterie or poultry and an elegant charmer next to red fruit desserts. A real "vin de plaisir" therefore, a party for and on every occasion. 

Region: Champagne

Winery: Laurent Perrier

The history of Champagne House Laurent-Perrier begins in 1812 when former cooper and bottler Alphonse Pierlot took over two vineyards in Tours-sur-Marne. He labels his first Champagne under the name A. Pierlot & Cie. 

Two generations later, it is his eponymous grandson who donates the entire property in 1881 to his cellar master Eugène Laurent, husband of Veuve Mathilde-Emilie Perrier. The combined name Laurent-Perrier thus became a fact and would forever be synonymous with high quality Champagne. 

Although his two daughters Alexandra Pereyre and Stephanie Meneux have recently taken over the company, Bernard de Nonancourt is still a driving force behind this largest family estate in Champagne. When he joined Laurent-Perrier just after the war, his mother forced him to gain experience working among the farmers, in the cellar, in the administration and in the sales team for a long time before handing over the helm to him. 

That turned out to be a golden move: due to his versatility and warm appearance, he knew like no other how to enthuse people both inside and outside the company. In the list of most successful wine companies, Laurent-Perrier climbed from 100th place to number 4 in the world under Bernard! 

But Bernard is also above all creative. For example, he introduced a Prestige Cuvée of several top years with Laurent-Perrier. The Grand Siècle La Cuvée is in fact an assembly of three exceptionally good harvest years instead of - as is usual with other houses - a single vintage. 

The high consistent quality of the different Champagne styles and flavors is guaranteed at Laurent-Perrier by the oenological team led by 'chef de cave' Michel Fauconnet. His teacher at Laurent-Perrier was Alain Terrier, who is widely recognized as one of the greatest cellar masters in the Champagne region. 

And so Laurent-Perrier has been making so-called 'vins de plaisir' for years, seductive and highly valued wines for which there is and always will be a great demand. Because Laurent-Perrier customers above all want to drink tasty, distinctive, elegant and refined Champagnes - in addition to a prestigious wine or first-class brand. Wines for every enthusiast, every occasion and moment of use.