Taylor's Tawny Port 10 years in gift box

  • €30,85

A great Port from a famous house that has been making the best Port for 300 years.

Comes in a beautiful gift box. (luxury tube)

Long barrel aging softens a strong wine. The full ruby ​​red gives way to a brown glow. It is precisely this amber or tawny coloring that gives tawnyport its name.

This soft brown colored port with light orange sparkle. It smells fresh and fruity, refined with impressions of fresh nuts and figs. The taste is elegant and friendly with licorice aromas, mocha, coffee, chutney and cocoa. 
The aftertaste is sultry for a long time with a lot of complexity. The total makes the wine served at 16 degrees ideal with desserts with caramel, dried fruit, cinnamon and citrus fruit. 
Or just enjoy it with a good cigar, for example.

Once opened, the wine will keep for a long time.

Alcohol: 20%

Contents: 75 Cl

Origin: Portugal, Douro