Wine box Chardonnay 3 bottles

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A beautiful box with 3 bottles of Chardonnay. With 3 toppers from California, South Africa and Israel. They come in a neat white box. The price of this wine box does not include delivery costs.

Yarden Chardonnay 2021
A special Israeli white wine. From the top segment of the Golan Heights Winery. An elegant wine in which you will smell and taste ripe pear, apple, pineapple and citrus fruits. An attractive combination of complexity, vanilla (due to the aging in wooden barrels) and lush fruit.

You can also let the wine age in the bottle for many years.

Fermentation in French oak barrels, 50% of which are new wood. The wine rests on the 'lie' for seven months during the maturation process.

Specifics: Kosher, kosher Lamehadrin, Kosher for Passover. Wine is not mevushal

Simonsig Chardonnay Estate 2020
Simonsig's Chardonnay was the first Chardonnay produced in South Africa. 
Simonsig was voted best winemaker in South Africa in 2006. This Chardonnay is the pride of Simonsig. 

Taste : This white wine has matured for 9 months in French oak casks. This gives a soft buttery taste, but this does not dominate. In particular, you can taste ripe apple, pear and a little toasted almond. When the wine is drunk young, you mainly taste fruit. 
If the wine is a little longer in the bottle, it develops a more complex taste. The wine has a light smoked taste. 

2021 J.Lohr Riverstone Arroyo Seco Monterey Chardonnay

Sourced from vineyards in Arroyo Seco and Monerey County California. A rich, full, but fresh wine with aromas of ripe citrus, apple, nectarine, honey, vanilla and toast.

SERVING PAIRING: Delicious with lobster with avocado mousse, moules marinières, chicken from the oven or stewed chicken with lemon, olives and capers.

CLIMATE & TERROIR: A climate with warm summers and fairly mild winters. The grapes come from vineyards in Arroyo Seco and Monterey County. The soil consists of sandy loam and boulders.

VINIFICATION: Fermentation takes place in barriques. More than 50% undergoes malolactic fermentation. The wine then matures for 7 to 9 months in new and used barriques made of French, Hungarian and American oak.

The price includes VAT and excludes delivery costs. The wines are delivered in a neat, sturdy white box.