Wine Box Spain 3 Bottles

  • €34,70

A small wine box with 3 delicious bottles of Spanish wine from the Baron de Ley winery. We have been selling wines from this winery since 2004 and our customers are very enthusiastic about this. Nice modern Riojas. In this wine box 2 red and 1 white wine.

- Baron de Ley white (Blanco) This light clear white wine has a fresh scent and the taste is a complex combination of fragrant herbs and fresh fruit. The grape Malvasia gives this wine a little creaminess.

- Baron de Ley Club Privado. It is a modern red Rioja, so tailored to the current trend in which there is a great demand for fresh fruity wines. This Rioja has a juicy taste of strawberry and cherry and has a hint of vanilla due to a short maturation in wooden casks. A light pleasant red wine.

- Baron de Ley Reserva. This delicious wine has matured for 20 months in new oak barrels and then matured further in the bottle. Baron de Ley combines traditional with modern techniques and is one of the best winemakers in Spain. Taste: Modern style Rioja with beautiful fruit in a hint of seductive new wood.

The price includes VAT and excludes delivery costs. The wines are delivered in a neat, sturdy white box.

A delicious box with 3 Spanish wines, great as a wine gift or to enjoy yourself. You can be sure that you are purchasing beautiful wines.

More info about winery Baron de Ley