Wine gift Israel Barkan Large

Wine gift Israel Barkan Large

  • €45,05

A wine gift with three Israeli wines from the Barkan winery. Israel is increasingly gaining international recognition for their wines. This also applies to the producer Barkan. The Barkan wines regularly win prizes at international exhibitions. These wines are kosher.

Red wine Barkan Classic Cabernet Sauvignon
This kosher red wine has a soft, dry taste. You smell blackcurrants and a bit of green pepper.

White wine Barkan Emerald Riesling

A wonderfully aromatic fresh fruity wine with a slightly sweet aftertaste.

Red wine Barkan Merlot Argaman

A delicious red quality wine from Barkan. Full and soft in taste. The beautiful, ripe Merlot is clearly recognizable, supplemented with the Argaman, a grape developed in Israel.