Wine gift Tenuta Sant'Antonio Amarone Large

Wine gift Tenuta Sant'Antonio Amarone Large

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3 top red wines in a luxurious wooden box with sliding lid. The wines come from the famous winery Tenuta Sant'Antonio Italy. Two beautiful Amarone's and La Bandina which is a nice stepping stone to the Amarone.

Tenuta Sant'Antonio Amarone Campo dei Gigli

The Campo dei Gigli is an intense dark ruby ​​red. It smells excessively of ripe dark fruit, various herbs, licorice and tobacco. The tannins in the wine are supple, sweet and soft, the firm concentration and restrained power portend a long and promising life. A wine to enjoy in peace, with every sip the Amarone releases new flavors and aromas. A wine for a special moment, but every moment with this Amarone will be special.

Tenuta Sant'Antonio Valpolicella Superiore La Bandina

A creamy full wine with lots of red fruit, hints of licorice, tobacco and cedar wood.

Amarone della Valpolicella Selezione

The opaque ruby ​​red Amarone has an overwhelming perfume of ripened fruit, licorice, fresh green herbs and black pepper. The tannins are sultry and sweet, but the wine is still harmonious with pleasant acidity. It is precisely this freshness that makes it delicious with meals: dishes with truffles, game, poultry, red meat and matured cheeses.

About Tenuta Sant'Antoniouit

The winery is located northeast of Verona. Since 1989, the four Castagnedi brothers have been working on the production of beautiful wines. With 48 hectares, they have a large estate with limestone hills. The different grapes are fermented separately in stainless steel cuves without the addition of oxygen. This modern way ensures a fresh wine.